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 Hello folks, This is Ho'Oponopono one of the classes I recently took in NC and with which I am sooooooooo impressed.
I am very happy to see they are having a
phone conference (and it is FREE) so you can experience it for yourself and see if it fits with your life path.  ( I have put the most pertinent information in color and bold so it is easy to find.  Note you will get to check out what time the call is in for your time zone. )

I know Ho'Oponopono has made major positive upgrades for me in my life and I only took the class a little over a month ago.

  This conference call  happens this
Tuesday November 6th, 2007 at 5pm pacific ...hope to hear you there...hugs and love, BLS

The regular site for Ho'Oponopono is www.hooponopono.org  on the mail with all the details.


Below you will find the instructions on how to join this list for updates, I have highlighted the paragraph in bold. There are only a few updates a month sent out, so nothing obtrusive. 


You are invited to join us for A Fr*ee Ho'oponopono Teleclass with Mabel Katz - November 6, 2007

 Mabel is getting ready to do some traveling, Madrid - Santiago, Chile - Buenos Aires, Rosario, La Plata, Argentina, doing what she loves most and does best - presenting Ho'oponopono to others, as she has been doing for over ten years now. Before she goes, she wants to do another FR*EE Teleclass for ALL.
It occurred to me that this is the perfect opportunity for ALL of us to say Thank You to Mabel--and what better way to do that than to bring the two things that Mabel loves most to the call--Your questions and your stories/testimonials.
If you have a question you would like Mabel to answer please submit to Joanie003@gmail.com with QUESTION in the subject line


 If you have a story/testimonial that you would like to share, please submit to Joanie003@gmail.com with STORY in the subject line

Note: All regular weekly Ho'oponopono Teleclasses with Mabel, every Thursday 5 - 6 will continue as usual while Mabel is traveling. Mabel is very committed to these Weekly Teleclasses and ALL will continue. Wherever she is, whatever Time zone she is in, she will have phone access and wants all to know that she will join us each week as usual.


If you are receiving this email, you are already signed up to receive all Ho'oponopono4All news regarding Mabel Katz or Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, so just sit back and phone number and passcode will be sent to you.

 If you are not signed on and have been forwarded this information from a friend, and you want to receive further notification, Dial in and passcode, for this fr*ee call and other events, you can email hooponopono4all@aweber.com

You will receive a CONFIRMATION Email. Just click the confirmation link on that email to complete your registration and receive the information.


Please share this information of this Fr*ee Teleclass with ANYONE you know. We have seen a Big shift recently due to the massive number of people who have discovered Ho'oponopono and are now CLEANING on a regular basis. We can keep this going. The more people, who are introduced to Ho'oponopono and begin taking 100% Responsibility and CLEANING, the better for all of us, because what gets erased from each gets erased from ALL. How wonderful is that!
Fr*ee Ho'oponopono Teleclass with Mabel Katz -: FOR EVERYONE

Date: November 6, 2007

Time: 5 PM Pacific 

See WorldTimeZone for your time and ours

Phone number and passcode will be sent on November 4, 2007

I look forward to receiving your Ho'oponopono QUESTIONS and STORIES and  hearing you on the call November 6.

 Thank you!



 Joanie Chappel
Learn more about Ho'oponopono, Mabel Katz & Ihaleakala Hew Len


 5185 Wexford Run Road, Wexford, PA 15090, USA