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Here we go

Here  I am.   First post.  (now second) (ok editing here to say that I did post these first two posts in opposite order but this one was a cut and paste and somehow something in the code from LJ must have put it back where it was....sigh.  OK....good to know-and here so you also know. )

 Figured I would give the advertising version a go and see how it works.

I like the added  features it allows me.  If I don't like it though, I  will likely move to another account  rather than delete this one.

I  hope to attract  other conscious  folks from around the globe.   I  also  get to  release my  fear and come from faith that  God is more powerful than any government , business, etc so no matter how much information  whatever  "they" may collect about "us"  we are still safe .

Of course then I get to evaluate what happened with the holocaust on that one.  (since the Jews were /are supposed to be God's  people) 

Spirituality runs high on my priority list.   

My computer is running a little strange right now though...so this is as much as I wish to say at this moment. 

Blessings to you and yours,  BLS